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Who we are

We are not a software company. We are here to free humans from repetitiveness and confusion so they bring the best of themselves to the world.

How do we do it?

We first clear our minds to see things as they are. We bring this clarity to our products, to our users and through them, to the world.

Why we do what we do

The world will reach balance when the human mind stop creating chaos.

We think technology can be used to optimize how humans think and so how the they interact with nature.

We don’t want to change the future. We want to change the present because those who has no present has no future.


Construction & Payment Management Software

How long does it take to get paid?

Mid-size and big construction contractors want to comply with regulations and quality standards, and deliver the project to the client. But in the end, small and mid-size construction contractors want to get paid for their work as soon as possible and stay in business. But getting paid in the construction industry might be a 90-day nightmare that kills the project team moral and motivation, which can take contractors out of business. And the fault is not only the cumbersome payment process but poor management and project management systems that are not that business-oriented.

We help mid-size and big construction contractors to get paid faster by a cloud visual platform that empowers them to efficiently be ahead of payment deadlines and deadlocks without neglecting team satisfaction, neither compliance with project design, quality standards and regulations.

We are in the stage of raising venture capital for our first SaaS app, Construction & Payment Management Software. 

Our team

John Franco, Founder, CEO

John Franco has always tried to start a business out of every opportunity around him…in his beginnings, he tried to sell bamboo kites, he organized local billiard tournaments, he started a cevicheria, later he tried to start his Civil Engineering software empire but only sold 3 licenses of its first surveying application (on Windows 2000).

He learned the hard way that a great product is not enough. He realized he needed to be a salesman, not just an entrepreneur. But married and with one child, he should get a job. He worked for 10 years for the biggest construction company in Latin America. He worked as head of the engineering department, and head of the quantity takeoff and invoicing department. He has worked in Ecuador and Perú. In 2009, he quit his job to start his entrepreneur career and learn —no matter what it takes— how to sell.

His first venture was ExcelGuruBlueprints.com, which helps intermediate and advanced Excel users from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Mexico, and other countries, to improve their Excel skills so they beat deadlines. He has sold more than USD 250,000 in Excel infoproducts. But it took him almost 10 years to become a salesman. He lost all his savings, his Toyota Land Cruiser, his two properties, and almost his wife. But now he can claim, “I can sell stuff.”

John also writes fiction and non-fiction. His first short story collection will be published in 2020. He shares his perspectives on life at johnfran.co

Diego Peñafiel, Software Engineer, Developer

Diego Peñafiel has a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, Innovation and Computation from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.
He is part of a team that processes and analyzes big data to develop healthcare solutions.

During his career, Diego worked with the Google Street View team in Ecuador mapping and coordinating with government officers to find the most enjoyable places in the country. Moreover, Diego was part of a technology team that designed, implemented and deployed Microsoft solutions for local companies.

During his free time, he loves playing tennis.

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